If it doesn’t nourish
your skin or soul, let it go!

Our Story

So here I am…22..laying in a tanning bed (NO NO NO!) everyday as my fair skin just seemed to get more attention than my perfectly tanned friends. Guess who got skin cancer? ME. I never tanned as a kid and I didn’t after I was 25. So how does this happen? That is a long story meant for science class. Ask me. I will share.

When self tanner came out, I was in heaven. Just kidding. I was orange and full of streaks that lasted longer than a tan!

Spray tanning emerged. I was probably the first client. I was so excited. That took me down a road of incredible discovery that not only did product matter, but the person applying it.
It seemed that every single studio had 18 (they have to work too, I get it!) year old girls were working there with little to no experience. They never asked me one question about my skin, my habits, my desired tanning goals. Nothing.

The studios…ew. Just ew. All I could do is look around and think about how cute I could make it.

So the idea began. I needed to open my own studio. I needed to perfect a spray tan and offer people a fun, happy, cool place to get a badass tan! Tantastic Beauty Bar was born in Newport Beach, CA.

Born and moved to Valley of the Sun and here we are---- Valley Tan and Spa!