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So here I am…22..laying in a tanning bed (NO NO NO!) everyday as my fair skin just seemed to get more attention than my perfectly tanned friends. Guess who got skin cancer? ME. I never tanned as a kid and I didn’t after I was 25. So how does this happen? That is a long story meant for science class. Ask me. I will share.

when self tanner emerged, I was in heaven.. just kidding..no one ever longed to be orange! At valley tan and spa, we don’t offer that color!

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Hi Bronzed and Beautiful Fam,

By the looks of fashion week and Instagram, limpet shell and peach echo are two of the season’s hottest colors on the runway—and they’re picture perfect with a spray tan.

But not just any spray tan, an Evolv Heated Airbrush Tan. There’s a difference…

A few BIG differences actually.

If it doesn’t nourish
your skin or soul, let it go!